Room to Be Your Best


We create an environment that allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed, so you can concentrate fully on your work at hand. In our choice of furniture, lighting, and finishing, we lay the physical foundations for that optimal environment.


Our concierge service welcomes guests, provide mail and call handling services to all our members.  Your corporate image just got from zero to OMG!

The Library

We understand that you do not need to wear a suit and tie to work, or have meetings in stuffy boardrooms to succeed in life, yet there is a need to project and maintain a professional image to your partners, clients and stakeholders. That’s why we have built a range of meeting spaces for you to choose from, depending on the type of meeting and level of formality.

Meeting Areas

We recognise the importance of collaborating with others to accomplish more, hence our workspace includes a fair share of communal spaces for chilling out, brainstorming, or just connecting over a cuppa. Here’s to working better together!

Brew House

Aaaaahhhh!  The smell of freshly ground coffee, chatter, just gives you the feeling of things getting done! We appreciate the value of creativity and innovation in the work that you do, that’s why we’ve curated our décor to inject some fun and energy into our collective surroundings. Let’s help each other find that daily inspiration!

Executive Boardroom

The Executive Boardroom screams a classy feeling that you’re CEO from day one of locating your business with Workcentral. Equipped with full big screen projector as well as conferencing facilities.  You have arrived…


The Brew House features a well stocked pantry, brew coffee from Highlander and a selection of teas, soft drinks and snacks, to keep you hydrated and tanked up to meet the challenges of the day.

Team Suites

The comfort and privacy of your own suite to collaborate with your team members whilst having access to all the communal spaces and opportunity to network with the wider community.