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WASABI Discovery vol.6 — A Healthier Earth & Mankind with Euglena

  • Brew House @ Workcentral 190 Clemenceau Avenue Singapore, 239924 Singapore (map)

Photo source from Wasabi


Ms. Keiko Ueki

Ms. Keiko Ueki
Senior Staff, Raw Materials and Overseas Sales Section, Healthcare Business Division, Euglena Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yuta Asayama

Mr. Yuta Asayama
Manager, Life Science Section, Healthcare Business Division, euglena Co., Ltd.


Euglena is microalgae with only 0.05mm in length. It is a mysterious creature with the features of both plants and animals grows in fresh water. It can store energy by means of photosynthesis like plants while it can also move around like other microorganisms.

Euglena was born 500 million years ago in the primitive age. Euglena was discovered by Antoni van Leeuwenhoek of Austria in the 1660’s. In 2005, euglena Co.,Ltd became the first in the world to succeed in outdoor commercial mass cultivation for food.

Euglena is capable of creating nutrients through photosynthesis because it can grow using sunlight, water, CO2 and fertilisers. Another special feature is its capability to grow under high CO2 concentration of 1000 times the normal content in air.

Euglena which has features of both plants and animals contains 59 varieties of nutrients, which is enough for human survival. When euglena grows through photosynthesis, it produces oil that can be used as biofuel that is suitable for jet-fuel, which also helps to reduce CO2 emission to the atmosphere.

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