• All events organised must be attended by the Organiser or a representative.

  • The Organiser will be responsible for the behavior and actions of those attending their events and activities. Should any damage to equipment and/or the facility occur, the organiser will be responsible for all charges associated with equipment repair and/or facility rectifications.

  • WorkCentral reserves the right to refuse/cancel any reservations.

  • In the event of an emergency, inclement weather or Act of God, WorkCentral reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an event.

  • WorkCentral reserves the right to end an event if fire code is activated or conditions in the premises poses a threat to those present.

  • Only events and activities that have been scheduled, approved and fully paid are recognized as officially booked and granted the right to use a WorkCentral facility.

  • Cancellation policy listed in 7.0 applies to all events, including events where venue space is co-sponsored by WorkCentral. Penalties imposed stated in 7.0.


  • All premises of Workcentral are equipped with CCTV cameras for security reasons and by signing this Contract you acknowledge that you have been made aware of this and understand that any activities conducted within our premises will be recorded.



  • Catering options are available exclusively by Workcentral.

  • All orders must be confirmed no less than 5 working days in advance.

  • Orders are confirmed upon acknowledgement from Workcentral.

  • No external catering is allowed in the premises.


  • WorkCentral is committed to complying with local laws concerning alcohol. In general, alcohol policy governs the consumption and use of alcohol in shopping malls.


  • Venue hire fee includes 30 mins of on site support prior to start of event. Applicable on weekdays only.

  • Additional support request is chargeable at $60/hour, $64.20 W/GST


  • Cleaning charges of $60, $64.20 W/GST apply for weekdays and weekends when event includes the following:

    • 60 pax and more

    • Catering of F&B


  • Only service animals are allowed in WorkCentral facilities.


  • The estimated number of attendees at the Event must be communicated with WorkCentral not less than four (4) working days prior to the Event. In the event that the number of expected guests is increased beyond the maximum capacity of the event venue, WorkCentral reserves the right to deny entry to further guests to adhere to the limit.


Any party hereto shall not be liable for its failure to perform hereunder, if such failure is due to any contingency beyond the reasonable control of that party, including but not limited to acts of God, war, government regulations, disasters, fire, strikes, civil disorder, severe flooding whether due to inclement weather or burst water-pipes, equipment failure, breakdown in public utilities including power supply and water or other similar cause or threat thereof beyond the abilities of the parties (any such contingency being hereinafter referred to as a “Force Majeure”), making it inadvisable, illegal, or impossible to perform to the terms of the contract or providing the services/facilities, provided that any party whose performance is affected by a Force Majeure shall use its good faith reasonable efforts to cure the Force Majeure event to the extent possible. In the event of Force Majeure occurs, the Event can be rescheduled within 6 months, subject to availability and confirmation by WorkCentral. Deposits received and set-up cost incurred for the Event, if any, will either be fully transferable to the new date, or the amount paid will be refunded. The Organizer shall have no claims for any loss or damage whatsoever against WorkCentral should such an event occur.



  • Unless specifically stated on the contract, the deadline to receive a refund (unless it is a non-refundable deposit) for cancellation of your event is ten (10) business days before the event:


Percentage of payment retained:
100% of total charges
0% of total charges

Cancellation Period: 
0 – 10 business days before event
> 10 business days before event

  • All refund requests must be made by made either by the primary contact or credit card holder. Refund requests must include the name of the event and contract number. Only cancellations made in writing via email or fax and received by the stated cancellation deadline will be accepted. These above policies apply to all approved events.



  • The Event should commence and conclude promptly at the times stipulated in this agreement. Should the Event carry on beyond the stipulated time, WorkCentral reserves the right to decline or impose additional charges.

  • Set-up and teardown times are assigned to the Event. Additional time can be arranged at a minimal cost, subject to availability. At the end of the Event, the Organiser shall be responsible for removing all leftover decoration, materials, props and other Event related items. If items are not disposed of immediately, WorkCentral will not be responsible for any loss of items.




  • The start and end times of the customer’s event have been communicated to WorkCentral during the booking. Additional time outside of the scope of this agreement will be billed to the Organization/Representative accordingly at the beginning of each hour. This includes early move-in, rehearsals and other related activities. Any group needing access to a facility before or after the normal operating hours will also be charged accordingly at the beginning of each hour. Late departure fee will be charged at 25% on top of the stated hourly rate. The Organization/Representative’s permission to run late depends on the availability of the Sales /Operating Personnel of WorkCentral.



  • All Organizations/individuals that have more than 15 days past due on any previous invoice will not be allowed to reserve our facilities or hold any future events until payment is made in full. WorkCentral reserves the right to change all fee structures, policies and procedures without notice.


  • The Organizer acknowledges responsibility for the conduct of its guests while on premises and agrees to indemnify WorkCentral for any liability, loss claim or proceedings in respect of any loss or damage to property caused by the Client or its guests during the course of the event. This includes damages caused by members of the sponsoring organizations, individuals attending the event/activity (audience member), or guests of those associated with the sponsoring organizations or audience members. Any damages must be reported to WorkCentral immediately for assessment and rectification. WorkCentral reserves the right to charge any organization or Members for damages incurred to any facility, fixtures or equipment.


  • The Organizer is not allowed to bring any personal equipment including audio-visual equipment without the approval of WorkCentral. All decorations, set-up or entertainment has to be approved by the WorkCentral prior to the date of the booking.

  • Amplified sound is subjected to approval.

  • No food and beverage of any kind can be brought into the premises without the permission of WorkCentral. If permission is obtained, any such food and beverage may be subject to labor or other charges, as deemed necessary by WorkCentral.

  • WorkCentral recognizes that the Organizer may wish to decorate the facilities for the events and activities. WorkCentral requires all applicants to submit the decoration plans at least one (1) week prior to the event for approval.

  • When developing your decoration plan, the following must be adhered to in all WorkCentral facilities:

    • No painting or spray-painting in the facility or grounds at any time.

    • Do not nail anything into wall or floors.

    • Glitter and confetti are prohibited in all facilities

    • Blinds and curtains shall not be removed

    • Fire “Exit” signs shall not be covered under any circumstances

    • Exit and Entrance doors must not be blocked under any circumstances

    • All cords and cables must be arranged in a tidy condition

    • Any adhesive tape used must be prior approved by Work Central

    • Open flame candles or oil-lamps are strictly prohibited in all facilities

    • Smoking is prohibited in all facilities.


  • All films and movies that will be screened must be rated and licensed by the approving authority. (All licensing must go through MDA/Compass for ratings with relevant copyright license before they can be screened in WorkCentral facilities).


  • Approved events will be listed on our social media pages, unless the sponsoring organization indicates the event/activity should not be publicized. The sponsoring organization should not publicize or promote any event until a final confirmation for the event/activity has been received from WorkCentral.


  • Upon signing of this agreement, 100% of the booking charge is required to reserve the space. The facility will be reserved only upon receipt of payment & a signed contract. WorkCentral may lease out the facility to other parties without notice if payment is not received latest by seven days from event day. Failure to pay the balance in full by the time outlined will result in the event being cancelled. All incidental and/or any additional charges incurred during the event is to be settled immediately at the conclusion of the event. All payments can be made in cash, corporate cheques, money order or credit/debit cards. Cheques or money orders should be made payable to WORK CENTRAL OFFICES PTE LTD.